About Baiti Ajmal

Beyti Ajmal Company, are known for providing top-notch engineering services, design consultations, project management, and design implementation, in addition to interior design, decoration, and furniture distribution plans, which focus on innovation, achieving balance, reducing costs, speeding implementation, and maintaining quality. We are distinguished by using thoughtful methodologies for projects, such as early risk assessment and safety. While reducing margins to obtain uniform results, our company employs a team of experts in their fields, who treat the client with interest and knowledge of his needs and desires to ensure a final image of an innovative and interesting project.

We implement our projects using a comprehensive methodology where all aspects are reviewed with high precision, such as concepts, tasks, form and environment, and our only goal is to be at the forefront of specialized companies in the engineering field, and for our implementation and interior architectural designs to be competitive at home and abroad, and also to establish long-term relationships with our clients and partners. And our suppliers and maintain them.

Our Vision

  • Our vision from Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.
  • Inspired by the rapid development and progress of the world in various fields and the vision of the New Kingdom 2030 AD, Beyti Ajmal Decor Company aspires to actively contribute to this national vision by changing the form and style of modern and advanced buildings and presenting our innovative and creative ideas to develop the commercial, residential, real estate, hotel, tourism, entertainment and sports investments of the younger generation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so we become Thus, we are pioneers in the field of design and implementation of public construction, exterior and interior decoration, and modern and innovative building and decoration systems in the national market.

Our Mission

  • Accuracy, honesty and sophistication in ideas.
  • Honesty in work, accuracy in implementation, innovation and development of ideas with the highest levels of quality are among our most important priorities and goals to satisfy our customers and gain their trust.

Our Objectives

  • Contributing to the construction and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of residential, commercial and entertainment buildings.
  • Competing in the labor market, providing the best services, and combining accuracy, quality, and appropriate prices.
  • Developing the company through training, qualifying and raising the level of the institution scientifically and practically for the engineering and technical staff of employees and technicians within the company.
  • Continuous updating and keeping pace with new and modern designs in the local and foreign labor market.
  • Providing facilities to customers in establishing their residential or commercial projects in accordance with the requirements and Saudi code of the competent authorities.
  • Diversifying the choice of raw materials and materials according to the customer’s request and providing appropriate alternatives according to the customers’ capabilities and desires.